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Xman1231's gameplay for Grid (X360)

Xman1231 played Grid

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Xman1231 said...
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after all this time i beat the game.

Grid (X360)

Genre/Style: Racing/Sports Car Racing
Release Date: 03/JUN/08
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I need help with Grid achievement like spin/win achievement.
i would say the best way to do it is put on easy and at the start do your 360 spin then do the race put on 2 or 3 laps so you will have time to catch up i was just racing the funny thing on how i got it the computer was taking the turn and while in the Processes he hit me and i was spinning and i cross the finish line lol hope that helps you.
That won't help me because I do not know how to do a spin and win/360 is impossible.Is there a video on how to do it?

hope that helps im going to try to explain this in a short way what you need to do is use the e-brake but make sure your at a high speed when you hit the e-brake. make a hard turn let go of the gas while your doing that keep turning the rest of the video explains the rest hope that helps.
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